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Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir

With more than 35 years of extensive experience, Dr. S. K. Gambhir specializes in infertility, high risk pregnancies and hysteroscopy. She also has expertise in handling cases of gyne-endocrinology – PCOD, recurrent pregnancy loss and obesity cases. She has numerous cases of high risk pregnancies and preterm deliveries to her credit. She is certified in Assisted Reproductive Techniques from University of Oldenburg, Germany.

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Trimester Chart

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    Things to Know

    Pregnancy is one of the wonderful experiences in the world for women. It gives them the feel of motherhood. But sometimes a little negligence gives the lifetime pain. So during pain you need to be active and healthy. Women should be aware about all the issues related to pregnancy.

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    Fetal Development

    Pursue your infant's advancement from a minor mass of cells through to a completely created child. The genuine developing life or fetal age (otherwise called theoretical age) is the time slipped by from preparation of the egg close to the hour of ovulation.

  • 13

    Baby Movement

    You may feel your infant move as ahead of schedule as about four months of pregnancy, however most ladies more often than not feel something somewhere in the range of 18 and 24 weeks. In the event that this is your first pregnancy, you may not see your child's developments until you are over 20 weeks pregnant.

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1st Trismester

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    Pregnancy Health

    Each phase of pregnancy brings various issues and concerns. What you put in your body before falling pregnant, during your pregnancy and after the birth can impact your child.

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    Pregnancy Comfort

    The delights of having a child can be dampened by a large group of throbs, torments, and different bothers that many eager moms’ face. It’s a well known fact that a lady's body experiences various changes during pregnancy – and a considerable lot of these progressions aren't constantly charming.

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    Yoga & Exercise

    Pre-birth yoga classes are exceptionally mainstream, and when combined with a cardiovascular exercise, (for example, strolling), yoga can be a perfect path for mothers to-be to remain fit as a fiddle.

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2nd Trismester

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    Healthy Sleep

    The hormonal changes and physical distresses related with pregnancy can influence a pregnant lady's nature of rest. Every trimester of pregnancy brings its very own novel rest difficulties. In reality, you may rest more than expected during the principal trimester of your pregnancy.

    Watch Out
  • 36

    Relax with Music

    Music may mitigate infant's spirit, even before birth. Yet, don't go putting headphones on your tummy at this time. Mother's voice might be every one of the an infant needs to hear.Your little partner is tuning in to your voice some time before you see one another. .

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    Lower Anxiety

    A few ladies experience anxiety in their indications during pregnancy, yet your nervousness may deteriorate. All things considered, not everything that makes you feel restless is heavily influenced by you.

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